Since my childhood, I developed strong interest and passion for playing videogames, and decided to step into game industry in my sophomore year.

I still remember the first game console that I had is Famicom, My parents and I enjoy the fun time together by playing Tank of War or Lode Runner. I hope one day I could develope games that could make players sit with their friends or families, and have a little chat.

I learned many programming ,machine learning and designing skills in my Bachelor degree, I found myself have more liking toward doing work as a designer, or technical designer.

Currently I am a graduate student that studies in Game and Playable Media program in University of California, Santa Cruz. Continuing sharpen my designing skills. I am graduating in March 2020.

I am recently still open to any kind of internship or recruitment for 2020. Please feel free contact me about anything, jobs, game design, level design. I love hearing feedbacks and chats from people.



January - February Busy in school and the Capstone project.

March Passing Video interview and Wiring test with Ubisoft as a UX designer

April Graduated from school and done with the Capstone projects!

May Passing Phone Interview with Ubisoft. But in the last interview, they think I have stronger background on game design and development, so they recommended me to another department.

June Passing new writing test and interview with Ubisoft

July Got offer from Ubisoft, but didn't accept it due to flight and some other issues. Also getting interview from Riots, but didn't pass.

August - Now Interviewing with some startup companies. Doing a few of my own game researches and seeking jobs in game industries actively. 



  • What games are you currently playing in 2020?​

Anno 1800, ​Division 2, Total War: Warhammer II. Monster Hunter, Stellaris. I played a lot of different types of games. 

  • Who's your favorite game developer?

Shigeru Miyamoto. He taught a lot on design thinking and level design of games. 

  • Which one is your favorite game studio?

Larian Studio​, Tri-Ace, Vanila Studio, Blue Bytes of Ubisoft, Thatgamecompany.

  • What's your favorite game?

Divinity Original sin 2, the Council, total war series, ​Valkyrie Profile. Division 2, Anno 1800, this list could goes forever long

  • What's your favorite genres of game?

SPRG, Strategy, RPG, FPS, Simulation, Management, Hack and Slash. MMORPG

  • How long have been playing video game?

Since 6 years old.​ So about 19 years, I am a crazy gameer that wants to be a crazy game designer