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Midnight Operator

A quick GDD that I done for passing a triple A company interview before

Game title:

Midnight Operator

Inspirations and high concept:

I got inspired by unrailed, toy story and Disneyland. I am imagining unrailed but with 3D and more PVP interaction in a toy story room. I want to create a playground that players could collect, battle and coop together. While they could sit on a couch and have some good laughs together.

Game Overview:

Imagine that all adults fall asleep at night. You, as an evil baby, are trying to run a toy train. While trying to destroy your enemies, collect and shoot everything you got toward them! Pencil box, feeding bottles, food, everything in the room. But be quiet, who knows what happens if you wake your parents up. Have a wonderful Christmas night!

Target audience:

Adults from 18 - 24. People who like coops, and play games with friends.

Players number:

2-8 Players, CO-OP or PVP

How to play:


Players are acting as babies, and they are separating into two teams. Each team will have a train running automatically toward their destination. Players' goal is to make sure the train runs on time, while trying to prevent the opponents doing this.

Mechanics and Progress:

All players will have a magnet in their hand, which is used to collect materials, as well as stealing materials from the opponents. Materials are scattered all around the room,

Players could also use magnets to change both their train’s tracks and enemies’ tracks to mislead them into dangerous places.

Players could use material to speed up the train as fuel, stack on top of the trains for protection, load into toy cannons to shoot toward enemies, or craft armor plates to fix the train.

The train will have toy cannons, engines, and a steering wheel on board, but players could choose to craft more to place on wherever they want.

If there are more materials to arm the train, the train will be more powerful, but slower. So there will be a tradeoff to let players think tactically.

Quiet time: There is a noise level that is shared by both teams. Adults will check the room according to the level. If they find the room is suspecias(The light is on, things are scattered around, babies are not on the bed, the toy train is running). Both teams will lose the match together. Therefore, there could be a brief moment that both teams shift from competition to cooperation. They need to work together to make sure the room looks right to the adult.

Special items, umbrella and balloons: To utilize the vertical space more. Players could navigate the room using umbrellas(Down) and balloons(Up). So they could reach some rare materials in high places, such as top of the closet or television. Players also have options to sneak attack enemies' trains using umbrellas and balloons.

Play Modes:

Campaign mode: This campaign mode is a single player tutorial, while your teammate is AI. Players will play a few levels to understand the mechanics of the game.

Multiplayer mode: In this mode, everything stays normal.

Endless mode: In this mode, there will be no destination, The train that runs furthest in 5 minutes will win the match.

Deathmatch mode: In this mode, the only way to win will be destroying opponents’ trains. More materials to start and gather.

Overall Story

It all happens on Christmas Eve. You made a wish. However, you found yourself in a baby’s body. Everything around looks so… cartoony to you. You heard a voice in the sky. He is telling you to go on an epic journey in order to go back to your body. When you think this is becoming a script for RPGs. You are about to fight with a monster, save a princess, and have a wonderful ending. But wait, he is telling you a toy train? Hmmm, this sounds very suspicious, you have no choice. Hope nobody will notice a baby is running a toy train castle on Christmas night!

Basic controls

The game will use a mouse and keyboard to control the characters.

WASD for moving, SHIFT for sprinting and mouse to interact and collect objects.

Level theme

There will be three different level themes to add flavor, there will be only changes on appearance of items and surrounding, there will be no mechanics changes.

Normal - everything is same

Cowboy babies - trains and furniture are very old style and babies will have cowboy skins.

Modern - trains and furniture will be modern and babies will have suits and ties.

A Level Overview

For level 1, I want to make it like a beginner level, so players could play around with the map. Therefore, I put many materials spawn points to make a smooth beginning. The balloons and umbrella will be available in the very beginning. Players will be very easy to study and play around with the layered mechanics. However, when the train tracks intersect, the competition will become more intensive. In the mid game, there will be more contested points for rare materials, so the heat could speed up quickly. I also put lights and television around the contest point. I think it could be fun for players to shift to cooperation when the fighting is most intense.

Art style and Mood board

The game will be in 3D. There will be a mix of hand-drawn style and voxel styles to enhance the casual and fun feeling.

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